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About Triglav-Edelvais

The company Triglav - Edelvais Ltd. is located in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. It was registered in 2003 and is specializing in the manufacturing, processing and marketing of agricultural products such as roses and lavender to produce essential oils. The main activity began in 2003 in the village of Tarnicheni, with the growing of roses, cherries, plums, raspberries and more. In order to expand, in 2007 the company bought a distillery for essential oil production in the village of Pastrovo, in the Stara Zagora region. Rose distillery Pastrovo is located between the towns of Chirpan and Stara Zagora, the so-called Chirpan region, which is favorable for growing different essential oil crops such as rose, lavender, chamomile, wormwood and others. For the production of rose and lavender oil the company uses its own plantations in the villages of Tarnicheni, Enina, Razhena and Pastrovo, but also attracts vendors from different regions of the country. Triglav - Edelvais Ltd. has two more distilleries located in the village of Chernozemen in the Kaloyanovo region and the city of Kran in the Kazanlak region, in order to attract nearby suppliers and increase production. The company has long-standing business relationships with companies from France, USA , Japan and from many other countries around the world. Triglav-Edelvais Ltd. is currently the biggest producer of Rose and Lavender oil in Bulgaria.

Essential Oil Products
Essential Oils

The primary oils we are offering are lavender oil, Bulgarian rose oil and chamomile oil. We also produce melissa oil, yarrow oil, juniper oil geranium oil learn more

Floral Waters

The company specialize of production of the following floral waters: lavender, rose, camomile, etc. Read more about floral waters

Concretes and Absolutes

The company produces lavender and rose concrete and lavender and rose absolute. Concretes and absolutes are semi-solid mass obtained by solvent extraction of fresh plant. Learn more...

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