Our Process

A beautiful lavender field, just before the harvest in early July. This field is just days away from being perfect for cutting and distillation. We are happy to see it’s blooming in great condition near our facility, just outside of Dobrich.

The flowers are very beautiful, but we can promise you the fragrance is even more beautiful! 

Lavender Field

The Lavender is harvested once per year, generally around July 4th. Depending on weather conditions and availability of distilleries, farmers will choose very carefully when to harvest, as even a mistake of a few hours can significantly impact the quality and yield of their harvest. 

Lavender Harvest

As you can see, some farmers in Bulgaria opt to use mechanized harvesting to retrieve their lavender flowers. The benefit of this is that it’s faster than hand harvesting, and the machines are specially designed to cut the flowers leaving a perfect ratio of flowers to stalk. In this way, the distilled lavender is optimized for maximum yield, as it does not contain excess stalk.

The Harvesting Machine

With Lavender being produced in regions from North East Bulgaria, down all the way to Central and South Bulgaria, it is important to provide facilities for farmers to which they can quickly and easyly transport their material. We operate 6 individual 10 Cubic meter stills here (equipped with cohobation), which can hold about 2.5 – 3 MT of raw lavender flowers per still. At this facility, per day, around 20 – 30 trucks will arrive for processing of Lavender, Melissa, Yarrow and many other Essential oils from the region. 

Our Dobrich Distillery

Dobrich- another great example of our distilleries. One important thing to note is that Lavender from each Bulgarian region will have a distinct chemistry. Being spread across the country allows us to have a large footprint and guarantees we can offer good quality on a consistent basis.

Steam Distillation in Pastrovo

The Pastrovo facility is located in Central Bulgaria near the Valley of Roses. It contains another 6 stills at 10 cubic meter per with cohobation as well, allowing for optimal conditions for distilling Rose, Melissa, Lavender, and many more.

Lavender Oil Distillation

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